Where do we ship to

We deliver to any address worldwide, we work with products shipped directly from the supplier, and to get the best values, we work with suppliers outside the country. When you order on our site your product will be shipped from the nearest country.

Average order time

Due to high order demand, orders may take up to 7-10 business days to be prepared.

Shipping time 7 to 10 working days.



Keep the packaging for any return or exchange. If you are not sure, please contact us.

If you have specific delivery requirements, please contact us prior to shipment so we can assist you.

Delivery Times

The average delivery time for any location is expressed in working days after shipment. It should be noted that this time is an AVERAGE, so it may happen that the product arrives earlier or later.

e will reimburse you for lost or delayed purchases within 90 days of payment confirmation.

The time frame varies depending on the agility of the couriers and customs, but usually takes between 10 and 25 calendar days on average. The final delivery time is up to 90 working days.

After the stipulated period, we recommend that you contact Correos Correos to clarify the reason for the delay. If Correos Correos is not in possession of your order, please contact us immediately to check with our suppliers. In case we confirm that there is a problem in the logistics of your order, we will proceed to the full refund of your purchase immediately after these verification steps.

It is important that you provide the means for an effective delivery to the address registered on your order. After 3 (three) verified delivery attempts, you must pick up your order at a post office near your address. Storage fees will be charged if not picked up within 7 calendar days. The amount of the fee depends on the weight/volume of the product.